Ice Merchants

Our award winning production is a very complete film on every single level; aesthetically – in the way it plays with shapes and forms – but also thematically, playing around with different layers in the narrative. The topic of loss is addressed in a very elegant and mature way, thus contributing to the eternalness and timelessness of the story. Coming from a country that doubts its ability to deliver strong stories for young audiences, this film should be seen as a great encouragement for ambitious filmmakers. Therefore the PLAY Festival Award 2023 is given to ICE MERCHANTS by Joao Gonzalez from Portugal.

A Galinha Preta

This film consequently shows the world through the eyes of a child, not only on the level of camera and visuals but even so on a mental perspective – the fact that this child protagonist is so young makes it even more remarkable. It shows the conflicting emotions of childhood, like cruelty versus love, darkness versus kindness, guilt versus forgiveness. As a fiction film the story is standing very close to the everyday reality of a child; that is what makes the film feel so real. That is why the ECFA Award of the PLAY Festival 2023 goes to LA POULE NOIRE by Marion Clauzel from France.