These sessions were created for babies and their parents! A first contact with Cinema is intended. Sessions lasting approximately 15 minutes, where very simple films enchant young viewers, through sound, music and strong colorful images.

Tickets are available in São Jorge Cinema 1 hour before the session, except for the 9:30am session which will be available starting at 9am.

Screening 1  


25 Fev. | Venue 2 | 09h30 | 15’

26 Fev. | Venue 2 | 15h00 | 15’

5 Mar.  | Venue 2 | 17h30 | 15’



Antje Heyn, 2022, Germany, 3’39’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

An animated film that takes up topics such as change, transience, cycles, connection, and interaction in a playful and experimental way. 


Hush Hush Little Bear

Sabine Andersone , Leva Zeldere, 2022,  Latvia, 4’48

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

While the bear parents are away looking for berries and honey, the baby bears stay at home with the sheep and everything is turned upside down! 



Julia Ocker, 2022, Germany, 3’37’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The panda wants to be able to dance as well as the two rabbits.


Wings for a friend

Mikhail Aldashin, Konstantin Arefev, Rússia, 3’11’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A story about the importance of helping and supporting each other. When we are together, our dreams and desires come true.


Screening 2


25 Fev. | Venue 2 | 10h00 | 15’

26 Fev. | Venue 2 | 17h30 | 15’

5 Mar.  | Venue 2 | 17h30 | 15’

Our Piggy

Jaromír Plachý, 2021, Czech. Rep. , 4’38’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Discover the magic of vacuum cleaners, wires or the fact that things sometimes buzz.



Julia Ocker, 2022, Germany, 3’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The squirrel mother is busy gathering nuts, so she doesn’t have any time to look after her kids.


Secret World of Wild life

Lorraine Wales, 2022, EUA,  2’

(Live Action, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

The life of squirrels and their cat friend.


This Hut is Too Small!

Hugo Frassetto, 2021, Belgium, France, 07’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Grandpa hammers in the last nail of a nice little playhouse that he proudly gives to his grandson. But there is a worm in there! “Go get the chick,” says the mischievous Grandpa, “he’ll take care of it!”…

Screening 3


25 Fev. | Venue 2 | 17h00 | 15’

26 Fev. | Venue 2 | 18h00 | 15’

4 Mar.  | Venue 2 | 09h30 | 15’

5 Mar.  | Venue 2 |18h | 15’



Julia Ocker, 2022, Alemanha, 3’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The cat has an especially delicious recipe: Mouse Soup!


Star Catch

Pelageya Generalova, 2021, Rússia, 04’40’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The story of a fisherman, who dreamed of catching a star.


I’m not Afraid 

Marita Mayer, 2022, Noruega, Alemanha,  07’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

During a game of hide and seek Vanja leaves the bright living room and enters a dimly lit courtyard, which has far too many dark corners, weird shadows and strange noises. To overcome their fear, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger!

Screening 4

25 Fev. | Venue 2 | 17h30 | 15’

4 Mar.  | Venue 2 | 10h00 | 15’


Julia Ocker, 2022, Germany, 3’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Sadly, the T-Rex is very bad at playing basketball.


Day and Night

Marek Skrobecki, Maja Garmulewicz, 2021, Poland, 3’30’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

How the  sun changes the light and shadows, little bear Treflik is scared of the dark and tries to keep the day going…


How it Grows… Mole

Miha F. Kalan and Jernej Žmitek, 2018, Slovenia, 4’17’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A little animal is born. Soon after, it has to learn how to find food so it can grow and grow: “Nom, nom, nom…”. 



Ying-Fang Shen, 2019, Taiwan, USA, 3’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

The baby chimpanzee is learning to have a beautiful smile with shiny teeth.




25 Fev. | Sala/Venue 2 | 18h00 | 15’

4 Mar. | Sala/Venue 2 | 17h | 15’

5 Mar. | Sala/Venue 2 | 10h | 15’

Squirrel Runs to Tree

Stefan Vogt, 2022,  Germany, 1’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

One day a kid, who was to young for my animation-film-workshop told me the story, which it would make a film of: “I run through the staircase. And Outside. There was a tree. End.



Maja Garmulewicz, 2022, Poland, 3’30’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

It’s very hot so the little bears go to the sea where they learn to respect nature and experience empathy.


Papa is Big, I am Small

Anya Ru e Masha Rumyantseva, 2021,  Italy, 03’12’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A tender story about a little girl who sees off her sailor father in a far away journey. Her childhood imagination will brighten up the long wait.



Filip Diviak, Zuzana Čupová, 2019, Czech Republic, 5’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Mr. Gnome is sunbathing in his garden when suddenly a little cloud hides the sun. Mr. Gnome is pretty annoyed but, fortunately, he knows precisely what to do with such clouds.



Quentin Haberham, 2021, Netherlands, 2’00

(Animation, No Dialogue)

When the most beautiful brush in the jar suddenly dries out, he does everything he can to save his beautiful bristles to be able to paint again.


Screening 6


26 Fev. | Venue 2 | 09h30 | 15’

4 Mar.  | Venue 2 | 17h30 | 15’

Befriend The Wind

Aneta Pauliny, 2021, Czech Republic, 02’51’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Sometimes that, what we consider our enemy, can become the means to something much better.



Antonello Matarazzo, 2021, Italy, 3’31

(Animation, No Dialogue)

“Flumina” is a daring helpless ramshackle going at breakneck speed towards the sea following the current, escaping, like paper titans, to every evil.



Julia Ocker, 2022, Germany, 3’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The piglet wants to clean its home, but everything seems to be going wrong.


The Big Tantrum

Arnaud Demuynck, Célia Tisserant, 2022, France, Belgium, 07’20

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Robert comes back from school in a bad mood and gets sent to his room by his Dad. He feels something horrible rising up inside him: it is anger…


Screening 7


26 Fev. | Venue 2 | 10h00 | 15’

4 Mar.  | Venue 2 | 18h00 | 15

5 Mar.  | Venue 2 | 9h30 | 15


Julia Ocker, 2022,  Germany, 3’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The tiger is supposed to perform a daring circus trick but he’s too scared to go through with it.


Apple Pie

Sergey Merinov, 2022, Rússia, 09’14’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A film about friendship and cooking that can re-educate even an evil dragon.


When It Comes From the Earth

Katalin Egely, 2021, ​​Hungry, 04’

(Animation, Singed in Spanish sub PT)

A little girl, a cumbia and a sustainable, healthy world.