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Short Films



Leilão de Jardim



25 Fev. | Venue 1 | 16h15 | 45’

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5 Mar    | Venue 1 | 11h30 | 45’

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Martin Clerget, 2022,  France, 03’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A bear is awakened in the middle of hibernation by a thieving rabbit. From this sparkling and unique night, a friendship and a ritual of wonder will be born.



Miyoung Baek, 2021, South Korea, 09’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Two little birds, Piropiro and Dalle, travelling through forests and landscapes, stop in a city and meet a florist. A story of friendship and solidarity in the search for harmony with nature.


Luce and the Rock

Britt Raes, 2022, France, Belgium, Netherlands, 13’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Two friends who seem to have nothing in common, end up facing their fear of the unknown together.


Hidden Heroes 

Anna Levinson,  Germany, 02’05’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

The film draws attention to the causes and backgrounds of child poverty in an entertaining way.


The Trobie

Phynley Joel, 2022, EUA, USA, 05’

(Live-Action, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Two children head outside to play, unaware that they will soon make a discovery beyond conceivable imagination – a Trobie.



Shahoo Ahmadi, 2021,  Iran, 04’05’’

(Live Action, V.O. Persian, Sub PT and ING)

While the gardener is resting  the fruits are being stolen.


The queen of the Foxes 

Marina Rosset, 2022,  Switzerland, 09’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

The queen of the foxes is the saddest of them all. Her worried gang retrieves from the city’s rubbish secretly written love letters to lay on her feet





25 Fev. | Venue 1 | 15h | 46’

Tickets |25 Fev

5 Mar.  | Venue 1 | 15h | 46’

Tickets | 5 Mar

A Tale on Giants and Other Animals

Rotem Halfon, 2022, Israel, 05’40’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

In a world where large giants live in packs, one Gianett, too small to live with the others, is looking for a place to call home.



An Vrombaut, 2022,  Belgium, 08’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

On the savannah, a group of strange animals play a game of hide-and-seek. 


The Perfect Fit 

Meinardas Valkevičius, 2022, Lithuania, 11’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Patrick lives in a children’s home. After seeing a parrot in the zoo, he becomes obsessed with them, which makes it even harder for him to belong and find parents who want to adopt him.


Laika & Nemo

Jan Gadermann, Sebastian Gadow, 2022,  Germany, 15’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Nemo looks different. Nobody else wears a diving suit and such a huge helmet. But then he meets Laika, an astronaut.


The Big Tantrum

Arnaud Demuynck, Célia Tisserant, 2022, France, Belgium, 07’20’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Robert comes back from school in a bad mood and gets sent to his room by his Dad. He feels something horrible rising up inside him: it is anger…



Ou isto ou aquilo


25 Fev. | Venue 1 | 11h30 | 45’

Tickets | 25 Fev

4 Mar.  | Venue 1 | 15h | 45’

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The Steps That Are Not Lost To Everyone

Lise Remon, 2022,  France, 03’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Where are those yellow shoes going? A young pair of shoes decide to follow them and discover the crossroads, the range of possibilities and the power of freedom.


Papa is Big, I am Small

Anya Ru e Masha Rumyantseva, 2021,  Italy, 03’12’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A tender story about a little girl who sees off her sailor father in a far away journey. Her childhood imagination will brighten up the long wait.


The Ant March

Fedor Yudin, 2022, Rússia, 05’22’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The little world under our feet. The protagonist breaks free from the general monotonous rhythm of the workers and embarks on his own journey to discover the new sound of the familiar space.


The Fantastic Flying Competition 

John Croezen, 2021,  Netherlands, 06’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

During a thrilling bird flying competition, ten teams run into trouble one by one, but the competition ends with a surprising winner.


Star Catch

Pelageya Generalova, 2021, Rússia, 04’40’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

The story of a fisherman, who dreamed of catching a star.


The Mosquito Pieks on the Phone

Maria Steinmetz, 2022, Germany, 05’30’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

In search of something drinkable, Pieks, the mosquito has a fun time creating chaos at an office.


The Turnip 

Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu, 2022, Estónia, 07’12’’   

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Based on the Slavic folktale. What  happens on the underground while peasants are engaged in the cultivation of vegetables?


When It Comes From the Earth

Katalin Egely, 2021, ​​Hungry, 04’

(Animation, Singed in Spanish sub PT)

A little girl, a cumbia and a sustainable, healthy world.


This Hut is Too Small!

Hugo Frassetto, 2021, Bélgica, França, 07’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Grandpa hammers in the last nail of a nice little playhouse that he proudly gives to his grandson. But there is a worm in there! “Go get the chick,” says the mischievous Grandpa, “he’ll take care of it!”…





26 Fev. | Venue 1 | 17h45 | 46’

Tickets | 26 Fev

Flown Away

Emelie Perrin, 2022, France, 03’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Two children decide to flee the family house which has become dangerous for them. Outside, they discover that another world exists.


The Last Straw 

Cleo Parker, 2022,  United Kingdom, 03’45’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Cyril the Scarecrow is terrified of birds. How will he manage to scare away Bertie the crow who just won’t leave him alone?


Franzy’s Soup-Kitchen

Ana Chubinidze, 2021, França, Georgia,  08’11’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Lonely alien Chef Franzy discovers that her special pink soup is not just delicious, but also magical, when she shares it with starving creatures living on a strange planet.


Befriend The Wind

Aneta Pauliny, 2021, Czech Republic, 02’51’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Sometimes that, what we consider our enemy, can become the means to something much better.


The fox

Britt Abrecht, Dominik Girod , 2022, Germany, 05’38’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Little Tommy is once again given only a cuddly toy by his parents. Disappointed and unhappy, he disregards the lifeless toy. But is the little fox more than just a piece of fabric?


The Black Chicken 

Marion Clauzel, 2022,  France, 13’

(Live-Action, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

In the warmth of the holiday home, four-year-old Auguste feels abandoned by his mother and turns his attention to the black hen.


Apple Pie

Sergey Merinov, 2022, Rússia, 09’14’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A film about friendship and cooking that can re-educate even an evil dragon.



Desenho Leve


26 Fev. | Venue 1 | 15h | 45’

Tickets | 26 Fev

4 Mar. | Venue 1 | 11h30 | 45’

Tickets | 4 Mar


David Stora, 2022,  France, 03’

(Animação, Dobrado PT, leg ING) (Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Freedom is sometimes as simple as leaving on a trip, a little sun on the bed sheets, the memories of a storm, the river singing on the stone, the crackling of tomatoes in a pan. It is to leave.


With a Wool Ball 

Belém Ricardes, 2022, Argentina, 04’31’’

(Animação, Cantado em espanhol, Leg PT) (Animation, sung  in Spanish sub PT)

Among the hills of northwestern Argentina, a girl weaves coloured ponchos and goes in search of her friends, native animals of the area, to keep them warm with her wool.


How The Bear Was Looking for a Friend

Igor Volchek, 2019, Bielorússia, 10’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A bear realizes the need to have a friend. An evil circus performer lured him, and bees saved him. 


Paolo’s Happiness

Thorsten Droessler, Manuel Schroeder, Czech Rep., 2022, 10’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Paolo is a quiet adult man who lives alone with his cat and loves to cry, because his tears are his happiness. When he feels sad, tears comfort him, when he is happy, his tears give him even more joy. 


Suzie in the Garden 

Lucie Sunková, 2022, Czech Rep., 13’19’’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

One day Suzie meets a black dog and discovers a mysterious garden. Who is it that lives there? Suzie is a little afraid.



O Último Andar


26 Fev. | Venue 1 | 11h30 | 47’

Tickets | 26 Fev

5 Mar. | Venue 3 | 17h00 | 47’

Tickets | 5 Mar



Juliette Laboria, 2022, França, France, 3’

(Animação, Dobrado PT, leg ING )(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

A boy finds another way to join his friends in the water below, and experiences a few moments of total freedom.



Leonardo Romero Zarxa, 2020, Colômbia, 10’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

Nicolás is a kid who has moved with his parents to the suburbs near an ancient fog forest. He will discover a forest full of life and will understand the relation between humans and nature.


Sand Pie

Kateřina Karhánková, 2022, Czech Rep., France, 09’49’’

(Live action, no dialogues)

Mína and her Toy friend are having fun in a sandpit. To save the Toy tied up to a high totem seems impossible. Tricycler gives Mína a hand and a new friendship is born.


When I Grow Up

Ester Kasalová, 2021, Czech Republic, 04’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

The director visits a kindergarten and asks the children what they want to be when they grow up. 



Leon Golterman, 2021, Netherlands, 02’15’’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

Ten-year old Kevin dreams of becoming a pilot so he and his sister Jaimy can escape from their tyrannical father. But when Jaimy gets her hands on her brother’s brand new model airplane, the bond between the two children is put to the test.


Mouse House 

Timon Leder, 2022, Slovenia, 08’

(Animation, No Dialogue)

A mouse gets trapped in an old truckle of cheese. Busy munching its soft core, he forgets about his famished friend outside. Meanwhile, the cat is waiting…


World and Me

Eldor Kudratillayev, 2021,  Uzbekistan, 01’

(Live Action, no dialogues)

The boy who gives the water back to nature.


I’m not Afraid 

Marita Mayer, 2022,  Norway, Germany, 07’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT Sub ING)

During a game of hide and seek Vanja leaves the bright living room and enters a dimly lit courtyard, which has far too many dark corners, weird shadows and strange noises. To overcome their fear, Vanja turns into a dangerous tiger!