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Feature Film



26 Fev. | Venue 3 | 18h15 | 75’

Tickets | 26 Fev

4 Mar. | Venue 3 | 18h | 75’

Tickets | 4 Mar





Shamira Raphaëla, 2021,  Netherlands, 75’

(Live Action, V.O. Dutch and English, Sub PT and ING)

Shabu dreams of becoming a superstar. Music gets his heart, mind, and body going, and so Shabu drums and sings and dances wherever he goes: out on the street, in public parks, and in the hallways of the rough public housing complex in Rotterdam, where he lives. Shabu is 14, and his family expects him to grow up: stop goofing around, take responsibility, stop daydreaming and start being more practical. Shabu also needs to earn money to pay back his grandmother for wrecking her car in circumstances he would rather forget. This gentle and intimate coming-of-age film follows the smiling, curious, adventurous, and creative boy as he copes with love and heartbreak, gets to know the traditions his family brought from the Caribbean, and finds inner strength he never knew he had.


Short films


Improviso do Amor-Perfeito


 25 Fev. | Venue 3 | 18h | 68’

Tickets | 25 Fev


Emma Séméria, 2020, France, 09’26’’

(Live Action, V.O. French, Sub PT and ING)

It’s almost time to go back to school and Camélia, 15, has a peculiar favor to ask Salah, her childhood best friend: she would like to practice french kissing before the end of the summer.



Tia Kouvo, 2022,  Sweden, 13’30’’’

(Live Action, V.O. Swedish, Sub PT and ING)

Two 11-year-old friends, Emma and Yasra, dream about moving to Hollywood to become big stars. They study celebrity magazines, practice singing and dancing, and raise money by selling coffee to neighbours. At the same time, the adults are busy with their own ambitions.



Emma Branderhorst, 2021,  Netherlands, 15’40’’

 (Live Action, V.O. Dutch, Sub PT and ING)

15-year-old Ruby doesn’t want to ask her mother to buy her period products, because she knows their financial situation doesn’t really allow it. To make sure she doesn’t bother anyone with her problem, she tries to solve it herself. 


Out of Water

Gracjana Piechula, 2022, Poland, 13’47’’

(Live Action, V.O. Polish, Sub PT and ING)

Zosia is a 13-year-old CODA – a hearing child of deaf adults. Together with her dad, she sets off to fight for her dream swimming competition, in which she is not allowed to participate due to her father’s oversight. In the role of interpreter and intermediary between her deaf father and the rest of the world. Having a voice starts to be not only a privilege for the girl, but also a burden.


The right Words

Adrien Moyse Dullin, 2021, France,  14’48’’

(Live Action, V.O. french, Sub PT and ING)

When naive and romantic Mahdi is peer-pressured into confessing his love to Jada, a girl who doesn’t know he exists, his declaration becomes a public spectacle.

Short Films


Canção de Alta Noite



5 Mar. | Venue 1 | 18h15 | 75’

Tickets | 5 Mar

It’s Nice in Here

Robert-Jonathan Koeyers , 2022, Netherlands, 15’41’’

(Live Action, V.O. English, Sub PT )

A young Black girl, Imani, and a rookie police officer, David, have wildly different recollections of the same fateful moment in a corner store that will leave their lives altered forever.


Born in Damascus 

Laura Wadha, 2021, United Kingdom, 15’16’’

(Live Action, V.O. English, Arabic, Sub PT and ING)

After ten years apart, a Scottish filmmaker tries to reconnect with her closest cousin. Their paths were separated by war. As they piece together memories of Syria, they begin to wonder – ‘What happened to our family?’.

Berlinale Film Festival – Generation 14plus Competition 2022 – Crystal Bear Award for Best Film



Anastassiya Biryucheva, 2022, Kazakhstan, 19’58’’’

(Live Action, V.O. Russian, Sub PT and ING)

A story of two young boys abandoned by their fathers, trying to make their first important steps in life. Karim – a hooligan, angry with his parents, keen on bullying the weak. His next victim is Artur, a mute teenager who steals chicken eggs.


To Vancouver

Artemis Anastasiadou, 2021, Greece, 24’

(Live Action, V.O. Greek, Sub PT and ING)

Two siblings, one spell, wounded landscapes and an inevitable departure.