10–13 years

Feature Film




5 Mar. | Venue 1 | 16h15 | 87’

Tickets | 5 Mar



How I Learned How To Fly

Radivoje Andrić, 2021, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, 75’

(Live Action, V.O. Serbian, Croatian, Sub PT and ING)

Adventurous Sofija is forced to spend her holidays with her overbearing grandmother Maria on one of Croatian islands. It’s not the ideal summer experience she had hoped for. However, her attitude changes when she meets new friends. With them, the girl discovers all that summer on the island has to offer: sun, fun in the water and her first kiss. The carefree time comes to an abrupt end when beloved aunt Luce ends up in hospital. A film not only about a holiday adventure, but also – and perhaps most importantly – about how difficult but at the same time liberating revealing painful family secrets can be.

sensitive content: death of a loved one





Feature Films


Mar em Redor


26 Fev. | Venue 3 | 16h30 | 81’

Tickets | 26 Fev


Lireza Mohammadi Rouzbahany, 2022,  Iran, 81’

(Live Action, V.O. Persian, Sub PT and ING)

From the first scene, it’s clear that our hero, Shafa, is no ordinary girl. She races motorcycles, defends weaker friends, and saves animals from danger. Shafa lives with her father and two siblings on the island of Singo, a fishing community with strict rules. It is ruled by a local rich man who thinks money can buy everyone and everything. One day, Shafi’s dad catches some very rare crabs, called horseshoe crabs, whose blood is worth a lot of money. The profit from their sale is to be distributed among all the island’s inhabitants. But Shafa feels bad for the animals and releases them into the sea at night. Anger and blame fall on her father and the whole family faces the unpleasant consequences. The brave girl, however, refuses to be cast out by the locals. She sets out for a nearby island where rare crabs are said to live to save her loved ones from impending disaster.


Short Films


O Mosquito Escreve


25 Fev. | Venue 3 | 16h30 | 63

Tickets | 25 Fev


Lulia Voitova, 2021, Finland, 1’18’’’     

(Animation, No Dialogues)

A story about a woman’s choices: she’s looking for her way into the future. Not all roads are safe, but somewhere inside there is a harmony that helps her move forward.


Lucia’s World

Cédrick Spinassou, Robin Iff, 2022, France,  2’20’’

(Live Action, V.O. French, Sub PT and ING)

Welcome to Lucie’s world! Lucie likes koalas, drawing, and especially sleeping… 


Around the Corner

Martin Turk, 2022,  Slovenia, 13’

(Live Action, V.O. Slovenian, Sub PT)

Nejc is an 11-year-old boy who witnesses peer violence. He decides to befriend Timi, the victim.


An Invisible Apprentice

Emilia Herbst, 2022, Argentina 12’’

(Live Action, V.O. Spanish, Sub PT and ING)

At home, the adults are silent when it comes to things in life and Inés, a young roller-skater who has no words when it comes to expressing her feelings. The looming first performance fills her with pride, but also with uncertainty.



Fredrik Holmen Lillegraven and Mads Eriksen, 2021, Norway, 13’

(Live Action, V.O.Norwegian, Sub PT)

A 12-year old boy lives with his father who is lost in bottomless sorrow after his wife is gone. The father is a shadow wandering around the house from bed to meaningless tv and back. The boy washes clothes, makes dinner and goes to school. He misses his dad and tries to reach for him.


Hello Africa

Hasan Serin, 2020, Turkey, 12’

(Live Action, V.O.Turkish, Sub PT)

Serpil likes to read books and Esma is very much keen on drawing pictures while listening to the stories in the books that Serpil reads to her. They buy the book of Jules Verne “Five Weeks with The Balloon”.


The Pink Jacket

Mónica Santos, 2022,  Portugal, France, 8’20’’

(Live Action, V.O. Portuguese, Sub ING)

A political film-musical about a Pink Jacket always with something up his sleeve. In the comfort of his home, Pink Jacket tortures and stitches up opponents of the system.


Short Films




4 Mar. | Venue 3 | 16h30 | 61’

Tickets | 4 Mar

A Journey With My Dad

Mor Israeli, 2022,  Israel, 10’30’’’

(Animation, sem Diálogos)

For the first time, Tamar (5 years old), accompanies her dad in a hotel where vacationers look a bit strange… Tamar will eventually discover a part of her fathers life that she doesn’t know.


Home of the Heart 

Sarah Saidan, 2022,  France, 14’46’’

(Animation, V.O. French, Sub PT and ING)

Omid and his family came to France from Iran a while ago. An animated black comedy about what one leaves behind in one’s home country.


The Difference Between Mongols and Mongoloids

Jonatas Rubert, 2021, Brazil, 4’41’’

(Live Action, V.O. Português, Sub ING)

Some humans are born with a set of variable characteristics, which they call Down syndrome. A flying saucer, dinosaurs and storks help us to try to understand what it is and what is the difference between having it or not.


Salvador Dali

Eldiar Madakim, 2021,  Kyrgyzstan, 19’

(Live Action, V.O. Kyrgyz, Sub PT and  ING)

Every day a little Orozbek has to walk long distances and a river crossing to get to school. Because that’s where he has a chance to get closer to his dream.


Garbage Man

Laura Gonçalves, 2022, Portugal, 07’40’’

(Live Action, V.O. Portuguese, Sub ING)

The family remembers uncle Botão: the Colonial War, emigration to France, where he lived and worked as a garbage man and when he returned to Belmonte, in a van full of trash, turned into a real treasure.