New Section: +13 years

New Section + 13


In 2023 PLAY Festival celebrated its 10th edition. Our audience is is getting older and PLAY intends to keep up with the intensity of adolescence bringing films that follow this inner revolution, so we decided to add a new section: +13, where we highlightedthe film Shabu Shooting the breeze.

Shabu (14) hangs around the Peperklip, a striking residential complex in Rotterdam’s Feijenoord neighbourhood. This Rotterdammer with Surinamese roots knows everyone here, and thinks he’s already a star. Later, Shabu is convinced, he’ll become rich and famous. But not just yet, because this summer he’s in the doghouse: he ‘borrowed’ his grandma’s car and crashed it, and now he has to pay for the damage. When selling ices and stacking shelves doesn’t pay enough, Shabu decides to use his musicality, charm, and network. A fun and moving film about a boy who seems bigger than he really is, who has to take responsibility for his actions.

“Shabu” by Shamira Raphaëla, production Tangerine Tree, 2021, Netherlands.