Cinemateca Júnior Screenings

Palácio Foz, Praça dos restauradores


25 de February | 15h 

O Ursinho Pooh Winnie de Pooh

Stephen J. Anderson, Don Hall,  USA, 2011, 63’

(Animation, Dubbed to PT)

Yo loses his tail in the Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh and his friends try to find a replacement tail. Soon after, they find a note left by Christopher Robin, that he would be back soon. Owl believes he has been kidnapped by a monster called Voltogo. It’s enough for the group to come up with a plan to save their friend.


4 de Março | 15h | 

SESSION Collectors of Rarities

Duration approx. of the session: 40 min | M/4 years old

Special session with the participation of actress Leonor Cabral and pianist Catherine Morisseau

We opened the vaults of the Cinemateca archive and discovered some gems. There are four small films made between 1917 and 1937 that tell us stories of yesteryear. Actress Leonor Cabral will tell us the story as we travel through the images.



Manuel Luís Vieira, 1934, 8’09’’


Carnaval no “Paris”

H. da Costa, 1933, 6’03’’


Tosquias e ovelhas no Paúl da serra

Manuel Luís Vieira,1937, 6’09’’


Escalada à torre dos clérigos 

Raul de Caldevilla, 1917, 8’38’’


Exercícios de Bombeiros

Invicta Film, 1927, 7’


Cinemateca Júnior Workshops


Restauradores Square – Foz Palace

Prior appointment to cinemateca.junior@cinemateca until February 28

Thinking with Cinema


25 de March | 11h | 120’| famílias |

Design and orientation: Dina Mendonça

Here we will talk about the important link between cinema and thinking. Does cinema make us think? What ideas do you come up with after watching a film? Can a film be an argument that convinces us once and for all? And let’s see what other questions might arise to us when we’re together.

Looking Back


4 de March | 11h | 120’| 8-10 anos |

Design and orientation: Madalena Miranda

Based on a collection of Portuguese films, we will take a journey through our history and geography, dive into the world of our grandparents, great-grandparents and even great-great-grandparents and from that dive we will bring back precious and rare pieces that we will keep in a graphic notebook.  This way we will discover other times, other customs and past stories, but also give wings to our fantasy and project images for the future.