Tó Trips



4 March |  5 p.m 

Tó Trips accompanied live 4 Walt Disney short films in a recently restored version.

Tó Trips

Tó Trips is recognized as one of the most interesting Portuguese musicians of the last decades. From the hectic times of Amen Sacristi and the memorable Lulu Blind to the Dead Combo, which Pedro Gonçalves also formed part of, and the solo experiences of “Guitarra 66” and, more recently, “Guitarra Makaka”, Tó Trips has made his presence felt in the most innovative and exciting projects of the national alternative music imaginary.


Alice Comedies | 1924-26

Walt Disney’s first films date back to the 1920s. Treasures full of humor and poetry. The Alice comedies are short films featuring free-spirited Alice, a little heroine of flesh and blood, who evolves in a universe of cartoons. With an impressive technical virtuosity for the time, ,and to the present day, this unprecedented program contains four recently restored films.


Alice’s Wild West Show 

During her “pestacle”, Alice recounts her encounters in the Wild West with Indians and bandits. A true feminist western!


Alice’s Spooky Adventure. 

In search of a baseball, Alice breaks into a haunted house and finds herself in a town full of ghosts… 


Alice’s Fishy Story

Alice sneaks out with her group of friends to go on a fishing trip full of surprises and finds herself at the North Pole with the Eskimos.


Alice’s Day at Sea

A sailor recounts his shipwreck to Alice who immediately becomes the heroine of an underwater epic. A dreamlike dive into the magical world of cartoons.