Tigre de Papel


25 and 26 February | 4 and 5 March

Tigre de Papel’s bookshop was at this year’s Play Festival with a stand – selling its books as well as books that were lying dormant in people’s homes.


BLX- Biblioteca Municipais de Lisboa

(Network of Lisbon Municipal Libraries)


Hora do Conto |  Story time


25 and 26 February 

+ 3 years

Some stories will teach you to fly and dream, others will make you lean back and be on the edge of your seat.

There are long stories and short stories, but all have so much to teach.

So come and listen to the stories we have chosen to reach you.


BLX  Store


The Lisbon Libraries Store (BLX Store) promotes the city of Lisbon, its culture, heritage, communities and its libraries, as a cohesive cultural product, intrinsic and current in the city.

In our space, at the Festival Play, you could find merchandising items with the Lisbon City Hall seal. 

We also  select and promote books about cinema, history and heritage of the city. 

We look forward to to seeing you.