PLAY’s Workshops 2023

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Dancing Puppets

25 February || 120’ 

Families with children between 8-13 years old  

Venue 2

Wooden construction workshop

Design and orientation: Maria Ribeiro and Sara Luz

Is it a dancer or a filmmaker? A spectator or a dreamer? A child or an adult? In this workshop, we discovered what the dancers look like in Cecília Meireles’ poem “A bailarina”. Will they be big or small, boys or girls? We worked on creativity and three dimensionality, combining different types of woods to create a unique puppet.

Either This or That – Reinvent

25 February  | 2.30 pm | 120’ |

+7  years old | 

Venue 2 

(Wooden construction workshop)

Design and orientation: Maria Ribeiro and Sara Luz

Starting from Cecília Meireles’ poem “Ou isto ou aquilo” we all began with a common object, a wooden shoe form. These moulds were used by old shoemakers to create many different shoes. However, this time, using our creativity and imagination we transformed them.

Animation workshop


Taking Cecília Meireles’ poems as a basis, participants used the stop-motion technique to make proposals of animations. All participants were invited to try this technique and encouraged to bring their perspectives on the proposed poems and materials to life. In the end, they saw the films they made with their newly acquired knowledge regarding animation practice and from Meireles’ reflections in her poems of childhood.

A collective exercise that stimulates individual and group creativity, including that of the parents, who are invited to participate.

All is well…

26 February | | 90’ |

3-5  years old 

Venue: Rank

Design and orientation: Nuno Bernardo

Let’s make an action movie with superheroes and villains. A dramatic, suspenseful production of bad guys versus good guys. In the end, who will win?


Here and There

26 February | 2.30 pm | 120’ |

6-9 years old 

Venue: Rank

Design and orientation: Nuno Bernardo

Taking one of Cecília Meireles’ poems, we will make a film. This will place us on both the giving and the receiving end – as filmmakers and as the audience. Explore the importance of the ‘Loop’ that will accompany us forever…

The Best is to Walk

4 March | 2.30 pm | 120’ | 

Families with children between 6-13 years old

Venue Rank

Design and orientation: Nuno Bernardo

Poetry summons landscapes and in this workshop we were able to create, through animation, all the landscapes that can be seen from the top floor. Some say it’s the most beautiful – let’s find out who?


Documentary Workshop


4 March | 2.30 pm | 120’ | +6 years 

5 de March | | 120’| + 6 years

Venue: 2

Design and orientation:  Inês T. A

Based on the film ÁGUAS DO PASTAZA we entered the forest to discover how a narrative is built through images and sounds. 

Among the trees, the fruit, the mushrooms, and the insects, we imagined what was not shown to us visually. Could we hear it?

From here we can also try to describe something…


Dubbing Workshop

Making Films Talk

5 March | 10.45 am ans 2.3o pm| 120’|

4-13 years old

Venue: Rank

Design and orientation:  Leonor Cabral

We used participants’ voice and added them to a film.. A microphone, your voice and … action! Meow… … good morning! … atchoo… Sounds, phrases, exclamations, screams, yawns, sighs. Whatever it takes to get the characters talking. You’ll start watching films like you’ve never heard them before!